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We provide solutions tailored to our customers by offering a complete integrated solution to their specific needs.


Exsis provides IT outsourcing services with a highly qualified team of engineers for each specific function. Our Procedures and Processes are certified with ISO 9001:2008 International Standard.


The ultimate business integration finds partnership in new web and mobile technologies.


We design, build and implement software architecture that suits the needs of each area involved in Projects.

Who we are

Exsis Software & Solutions S.A.S. is a Colombian company that offers software solutions tailored to the needs of our customer, conformed by a highly qualified team of professionals to meet the expectations in an absolute and complete way.

Since our starting in 1994, we are committed to provide our clients software solutions for data management, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the creation, implementation y maintenance of the products and services.

Our Work

Human resources is a key factor in order to ensure quality and success of our projects by supporting engineers during their professional growth, We generate a sense of ownership that guarantees the commitment of our professionals with the clients and the Company.

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